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FUN STORY my old English lit tutor used Lolita as an example of an unreliable narrator. The whole novel is basically about the main character justifying his pursuit of Lolita by interpreting her innocent behaviour as sexual and adult. The fact that she comes across as so "mature" in the novel is because the main character is trying to convince himself that she is mature so he can justify his abusive behaviour. It's essentially a internal commentary of a paedophile grooming a child.

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What really pisses me off is that Nabokov regretted writing it in the end because he kept constantly having to explain that this is what the novel was about because readers just did not get this at all.

People who think it is a love story and view Humbert as in any way sympathetic as the poor man who “gave into his dark desires” worry me immensly.

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people are terrible and bad at literature

People are pretty good at bending over backwards to paint rapists as sympathetic though

i need to go back to fangirling rei, sousuke is too painful right now